Sri Lankan Singles Celebrate Second Independence Day In A Month

A number of Sri Lankans were celebrating a second Independence this month following the realisation that they will not have to fork out a large sum of money for gifts and dinners that a large number of couples will eventually regret and deem meaningless.

One single person said, while wiping her tears away with her pet cat, “This is the best Valentines day. Last year I had a boyfriend, but we broke up because he didn’t like change, but I love having coins with me all the time. We also didn’t see eye to eye because of the height difference. But I am so happy this year to be alone with some chocolate and Facebook.”

Another person who emerged from under the thumb that he was cowed under said, “Only I determine my happiness. I am the only one who determines my unhappiness. So if I want to be single and happy then that’s my choice. However, my wife said I can’t be unhappy and single when we are married so I guess the only I can determine is what to wear tonight for Valentines day. Better call for that special couple’s loan for tonight.”

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