Sri Lanka’s only Blackberry User Causes Mystery Vibration in Bambalapitiya

BBerryA vibration that sent shockwaves in the Bambalapitiya area has been traced to the island’s last remaining Blackberry user who accidentally set his phone on vibrate.

People in the vicinity of the user said they felt an unusual minor tremor accompanied by a flashing red light and although it was something familiar, they could not place it. One person said “We thought we would never hear or feel a Blackberry phone vibration as we believed they no longer existed. It was such a jolt to the system. I think my iPhone crashed as well due to the vibration. The last time I felt one, the UNP were in power”

The user speaking on his phone to us said “I am a sentimental fellow, more mental than sentiment, so I decided to keep using the Blackberry that I had. I mainly use it with headphones so I don’t have to pull it out in public and face embarrassment. I also” as the line cut off

The Disaster Management Centre issued a statement asking the public to report anyone seen with a Blackberry and avoid all contact with them, ideally unfriending them on Facebook if necessary

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