We’ll Have Lime Juice With Our Post Partying Kottu Instead Say Revellers As Maithri Tries To Ban Iced Milo

limePresident Maithirpala Sirisena’s attempt to rid the country of sugar high mass produced drinks may not pan out as expected following the news that partygoers have the option of switching to high sugar shop made lime juice instead.

One man who stepped out from the senior citizen’s night haunt RnB said, “After a couple of hours of lecherous behaviour and stalking women despite their objections, I come to Pilawoos for a cheese kottu and a nice Iced Milo, which fuels my losing spirit. But I was recently informed that the drink may no longer be served after the President had a go at the high sugar content it contains. But I am not too worried as I can always get my sugar fix from a good Lime Juice which they make fresh and finish off a with a couple of beads of sweat added for that hint of salt that makes it authentic.”

A spokesperson for Nestle said, “If you watch the video, he gave the pack a good shake which is what we advise anyway for maximum taste. Milo is a great drink if you like sports – especially if you enjoy watching it on the sofa from which you struggle to get out of.”

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