Yala Leopards Relieved Jeeps Not Going Extinct After Brief Drop In Vehicles Entering The Park Reversed By Minister

yalaA number of leopards and bears resident in Yala National Park have expressed their relief that a suspected decline in the number of jeeps entering the sanctuary has been arrested following the quick thinking action of a minister in need of votes, requesting permission for up to 600 vehicles to enter per day.

One leopard said, “As a result of the reduced number of jeeps in the park we were suffering from the increased fresh air and reduced noise pollution, causing some of our leap to fall sick. We even heard that David Attenborough was planning on doing a Planet Earth special on the decline and looming extinction of jeeps. But luckily a Local Government Election was called for February and the local minister reversed the situation. Now not only can tourists flood Yala but the locals can also vote for the minister so its a win-win for the humans.”

The minister who made the request said, “This is just a short-term measure as we enter the peak election season. Once I am voted in, I will reduce the number of jeeps until such time the locals go on a protest of another election takes place, at which time I will increase the number again.”


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